LAUREN {♥} (toastsweat) wrote,


Okay, I'm even more pissed off now so here goes.
Can I please stress something to EVERYBODY?
If you don't like what I write in my LJ, you don't have to read it.
If you don't want to read what I say, do me and the rest of the world a favour and cut me from your f-list. PLEASE. :]
Sorry that your life is soooo perfect, and that mine fucking sucks. And it DOES. IF my life was brilliant and amazing, I would say so. But it's not, so I don't. Try being me for a day and then maybe you'll see why I say what I say.
Thank you.

EDIT Have just counted. 2 depressing entries in this LJ out of a possible 24! Ooo yes, I'm just WAY too emo.
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